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Client Testimonials

Here at SweetSong Nashville we take pride in our work and have had many satisfied clients. But don't take our word for it listen to what a few of them had to say about their experiences with SweetSong Nashville....

I always love working in the recording studio with D$.  He always seems to raise my creativeness up a few notches. I've Recorded at SweetSong Nashville many, many times and it always ROCKS

~Keith Burns / Trick Pony

D Money recorded and produced our first #1 song “BECKETS BACK FORTY” We love him and still do work with him today.


~Danny Rivera / Sweetwater Rain

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dennis Money and SweetSong Nashville on several occasions! What can I say, he's got some of the best ears in Nashville! Total Pro!!"


~Chris Conn / National Radio Host - Conman Radio

We have been lucky enough to work with some of the most respected producers in the country and Dennis Money is at the top of that list.  We refer to Dennis as the hardest working man in Nashville.  His energy never fades and it shows in his producing.  Dennis creates a very relaxed atmosphere, while at the same time keeping everyone focused and working toward a goal.  SweetSong Studio has a collection of vintage and state of the art equipment, giving Dennis the ability to blend a modern sound with that "phat" old school boom that everyone tries to duplicate.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to work with Dennis Money and call him a friend.

~Jason Albert / Heartland
~Charles Crawford / Heartland

Working with Dennis Money is a blast! He is always professional and fun.He was a big help and blessing working on many of our songs especially "Snowman in Birmingham” voted “Strictly Country Magazine” Song of the Year.


~Rich Alves / Pirates of the Mississippi

His insight has alway of bringing out your absolute best! Dennis is so dedicated. He puts in countless hours and even looses sleep just to make it perfect! It’s obvious he has the skill to get it done, but knowing that he puts his heart and soul into each and every project is what we find so wonderful. A testament to his credibility and respect among professionals in the industry is the way Dennis was able to bring 18 celebrities including Dolly Parton, Wayne Newton, Lee Greenwood, Bill Anderson, The Gatlin Brothers, Steve Wariner, Cowboy Troy, and others to create a massive joint effort that turned into the most beautiful project where all the net proceeds went to benefit Diabetes research called, "You Can't Say Love Enough." Dennis is truly a rare gem and we, like so many others, count ourselves lucky to work with him! We love ya Dennis!


Dennis. I thank you for all you do and all that you are, Thanks for asking me to sing on “You Can’t say Love Enough” Till next time, your friend  Wayne Newton 


~Wayne Newton

It being my first time in a Big time Nashville studio, I was of course very nervous, but Dennis walked us through every little step in the recording process. Dennis is a true perfectionist, which is a trait you want in your producer. Once the recording started, Dennis kept up the energy and made the process an amazing experience. He creates a fun and comfortable environment to record in. After finishing a vocal recording in the studio, Dennis would come up with different arrangements to try and compare to what we already had. This way we ended up with a record that sounds better than we could have ever imagined. Dennis truly cares for his work, and each artist that enters his studio. He doesn't work like most studios, where nobody really cares about the outcome of the artists single, but more about the money an artist is willing to throw out. Dennis puts his heart into his work and makes sure every song that comes out of his studio is a master piece. We love Dennis and can't wait to be back in SweetSong Nashville studio!


~Sam & Charles of BamaDam

Dennis Money has produced numerous sessions for me including a number one song. I still work with him to this day.

~Herbert Graham / Graham Artist Management

Dennis is not only a great friend but a producer that will bring out an element of effort out of you in the studio that you never thought you had in you. 


~Brian Milson 

Chemistry, connection, complete understanding. Between artist and producer is what D Money brings to the table. He's a master at hearing and creativity.

~Trini Triggs

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